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The Nanotechnology Research and Education Center housed in the 15,000 square foot Nanotech1 building at the University of South Florida has five laboratories available for user access


The Nanotech 1 Cleanroom is a bay and chase cleanroom design which consists of 3 bays and a main hallway area. The cleanroom laboratory has 1700 square feet of certified class 1000 space, 1900 square feet of chase space and 300 square feet of class 10,000 gowning and supply area. This laboratory is used to fabricate sensor based projects, NMOS, PMOS and CMOS based projects and MEMS based projects.

Location: NTA 106 (Gowning), NTA 106A (Supplies Storage), NTA 106B (Furnace and Dry Etch Bay), NTA 106C (Wet Chemistry Bay), NTA 106D (Lithography Bay), NTA 114A,B,C,D (Cleanroom Chase)

Metrology Suite

The Nanotech 1 Metrology Suite consists of five separate labs that house major metrology equipment. The first central room that one enters is the Material Preparation laboratory which contains instruments which support the tools in the four outer labs. Off of the materials preparation lab is the Transmission Electron Microscope Lab, (X-Ray Diffraction, Atomic Force Microscope and Nanolithography) lab, the Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope lab and the Focused Ion Beam lab. Many of the instruments in the metrology suite allow users to image, measure, characterize materials or thin film properties, or to view fabricated structures in great detail that are either fabricated in Nanotech1 or bought in from another lab.

Location: NTA 105 (Materials Preparation Lab), NTA 105A (Transmission Electron Microscope Lab), NTA 105B (X-Ray Diffraction, Atomic Force Microscope & Nanolithography Lab), NTA 105C (Hitachi Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope Lab), NTA 105D (Focused Ion Beam Lab)

Test and Package

The Nanotech 1 Test and Packaging laboratory contains tools to probe, wire bond, package, or electronic test circuits or devices. This laboratory is under class 10,000 cleanroom space.

Location: NTA 111

Thin Films

The Nanotech 1 Thin Film lab contains several physical vapor deposition tools such as sputter tools, an ebeam evaporator, and thermal evaporator. A rapid thermal processing tool is also in this lab. This lab is mainly used for deposition of metal thin films.

Location: NTA 104

Wet Chemistry

The Nanotech 1 Wet Chemistry lab contains an acid/base general use wet bench, a solvent bench, a lab sink bench and a furnace tube cleaning bench. This lab is used for wet chemistry projects and tube cleaning that does not require the cleanroom environment.

Location: NTA 104

NREC Building Layout and Facilities

Building Layout

The Nanotech 1 Building contains 15,000 square feet of total space. This building contains a cleanroom laboratory, a metrology suite of labs, a thin films lab, a wet chemistry lab, a test lab, administrative and staff offices, and a conference room.

To support the many specialized tools and processes in the building Nanotech1 houses some specialized support utilities such as a 1,000 gallon de-ionized water system, a closed loop process chilled water system, stainless steel process gas distribution lines and cabinets, stainless steel exhaust system, laboratory acid waste drains, waste pump lift station, acid neutralization tank, gas bunker, bulk liquid nitrogen storage tank.

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