About the Center


NREC faculty, engineering staff, and student assistants conduct many formal education activities continually throughout the year. The technical staff conduct weekly application and operational tailored "training sessions" for our university and industrial customers, as well as giving formal classroom instruction as guest lecturers, and hosting or delivering scheduled workshops at various times during the year.

The NREC staff supports the activities of the following courses:

CRS# Course Title Professor Department Activity
EEL 6935 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS II) Dr. Wang Electrical Engineering Series of many lab sessions to build and test a MEMS pressure sensor.
ANG 6100 Archaeological Science Dr. Tykot Anthropology Demonstration of EDS and SEM techniques.
EEL 6935 Integrated Circuit Processing II Dr. Hoff Electrical Engineering Help with certain process steps and test IC capacitors.
EML 6930 Micro & Nano Manufacturing Dr. Kumar Mechanical Engineering Series of Lab Sessions to build a pressure sensor device.
BME 6931 Modern Biomedical Technologies Dr. Pyayt Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Demonstrate AFM and SEM techniques to the class
EEL 6935 Organic Electronics Dr. Takshi Electrical Engineering Demonstrate metallization of organic solar cell
EML 6930 Materials Characterization Dr. Kumar Mechanical Engineering Guest lectures by all engineers - demonstration labs for SEM, Vacuum, TEM, AFM, FIB and XRD













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