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More than 60 affiliated faculty from different departments are using the NREC facility to bring research grants.

  • Anthropology
    • Dr. Robert Tykot, Professor
      • Phone: 813-974-7279
        Office Location: SOC 046A
        Email: rtykot@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Archaeological science, Mediterranean prehistory, old world archaeology, ancient diets around the world, bone chemistry, exchange studies, obsidian, marble, Sardinia, Sicily
        Personal Website
  • Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
    • Dr. Norma Alcantar, Professor
      • Alcantar Pic Phone: 813-974-8009
        Office Location: ENC 3201
        Email: alcantar@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Properties of thin films and biosystems, Conducting organic thin films, Biomaterials engineering, Surface interactions
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Venkat Bhethanabotla, Professor
      • Bhethanabotla Pic Phone: 813-974-2116
        Office Location: ENC 3403
        Email: bhethana@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Molecular Dynamics, Statistical mechanics, Molecular Thermodynamics
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Richard Gilbert, Professor
      • Gilbert Pic Phone: 813-974-2139
        Office Location: ENC 2210
        Email: gilbert@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Material Science, Biomedical Systems, Electrochemotherapy, Electrogenetherapy, Instrumentation, Engineering Education, and Drug delivery
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Yogi Goswami, Distinguished University Professor
      • Goswami Pic Phone: 813-974-0956
        Office Location: ENB 260A
        Email: goswami@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Energy Conversion, Solar Energy, Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, HVAC
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Vinay Gupta, Professor
      • Gupta Pic Phone: 813-974-0851
        Office Location: ENC 3200
        Email: vkgupta@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Self-Assembly, Interfacial Phenomena, Polymeric Materials, Nanotechnology, Molecular Recognition
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Babu Joseph, Professor
      • Joseph Pic Phone: 813-974-0692
        Office Location: IDRB 212A
        Email: joseph@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Process Modeling, Simulation and Control, Sensors and signal processing, Engineering Education
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Aydin Sunol, Professor
      • Sunol Pic Phone: 813-974-3566
        Office Location: ENC 3217
        Email: sunol@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Systems engineering, Supercritical fluid technology, Green Engineering, Product and Process Design
    • Dr. Ryan Toomey, Professor
      • Toomey Pic Phone: 813-974-9164
        Office Location: ENC 3503
        Email: rtoomey@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Materials science, polymer thin films, hydrogels, molecularly imprinted materials, and holographic polymerization
  • Chemistry
    • Dr. Jianfeng Cai, Assistant Professor
      • Cai Pic Phone: 813-974-9506
        Office Location: BSF 313
        Email: jianfengcai@usf.edu
        Research Areas: The expansion of interdisciplinary research at the interface of chemistry and biology to discover novel peptidomimetics and other small molecules that modulate protein-protein interactions involved in critical cellular processes
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Julie Harmon, Professor
      • Harmon Pic Phone: 813-974-3397
        Office Location: BSF 312
        Email: harmon@cas.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Vinyl polymerizations, polymer processing, carbon nanotube composites, optical fiber materials, polymer structure-property relations, radiation effects on polymers, thermal analysis - dielectric analysis, dynamic mechanical analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, mechanical properties
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Xiao Li, Assistant Professor
      • Li Pic Phone: 813-974-4129
        Office Location: BSF 306
        Email: xli@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Bioanalytical chemistry, drug effect and development, optical spectroscopy, scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM), nanoparticle, electrochemistry
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Abdul Malik, Associate Professor
      • Malik Pic Phone: 813-974-9688
        Office Location: SCA 426
        Email: malik@usf.ed
        Research Areas: Advanced technology for high-performance microseparation columns and solventless microextraction devices
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Edward Turos, Professor
      • Turos Pic Phone: 813-974-7312
        Office Location: NES 330B
        Email: eturos@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Synthesis and evaluation of new antibacterial and anticancer agents, development of nanoparticle polymers as drug delivery vehicles and biomedical plastics
        Personal Website
  • College of Medicine
    • Dr. Shyam Mohapatra, Professor
      • Mohapatra Pic Phone: 813-974-8568
        Office Location: MDC2536
        Email: smohapat@health.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Immunology and inflammation in allergic, immunologic and infectious viral diseases and cancers
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Subhra Mohapatra, Assistant Professor
  • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Dr. Srinivas Katkoori, Associate Professor
      • Katkoori Pic Phone: 813-974-5737
        Office Location: ENB 316
        Email: katkoori@cse.usf.edu
        Research Areas: High-level synthesis, low power synthesis, radiation tolerant VLSI design and CAD
        Personal Website
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Dr. Sanjukta Bhanja, Professor and Associate Dean
      • Bhanja Pic Phone: 813-974-4755
        Office Location: ENB 376
        Email: bhanja@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: VLSI design automation, reliable computing with inherent errors, soft errors, quantun-dot cellular automata, fab-aware modeling of (magnetic cellular automata), modeling faithful to quantum mechanical behaviors, error, power and redundancy trade-off, unconventional mapping of algorithms into nano devices like QCA and Y-CNT
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Christos Ferekides, Professor
      • Ferekides Pic Phone: 813-974-4818
        Office Location: ENB 256
        Email: ferekide@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Study and development of electronic materials and devices for opto-electronic applications
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Andrew Hoff, Professor
      • Hoff Pic Phone: 813-974-4958
        Office Location: ENB 248
        Email: hoff@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Contamination monitoring and control in IC manufacturing, microsystem and MEMS fabrication, integrated circuit manufacturing and in-line testing
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Vijay Jain, Distinguished University Professor
      • Jain Pic Phone: 813-974-4741
        Office Location: ENB 372
        Email: jain@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Biomedical systems, biomedical imaging and biomedical image processing, communication systems and networks, digital image and video processing, VLSI implementations, system on a chip (bio-sensing, DNA microarrays, opto-electronics, MEMS, digital, analog), 3D SOCs
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Don Morel, Professor
      • Morel Pic Phone: 813-974-2508
        Office Location: ENB 244
        Email: morel@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: High efficiency thin film tandem solar cells, photovoltaic device modeling and simulation, photodetectors, thin film transistors and memory devices, LEDs, and x-ray and gamma ray detectors, physical vapor deposition including sputtering, evaporation, close space sublimation and scale up to pre-manufacturing
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Wilfrido Moreno, Professor
      • Moreno Pic Phone: 813-974-4775
        Office Location: ENB 254
        Email: moreno@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: System integration by providing off-the-shelf hardware/software solutions to industrial application in the areas of digital signal processing, communications, industrial controls, microelectronics, biomedical engineering and multimedia solutions
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Gokhan Mumcu, Associate Professor
      • Mumcu Pic Phone: 813-974-8178
        Office Location: ENB 362
        Email: mumcu@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Electromagnetic theory, computational electromagnetics, THz imaging systems, metamaterials and their applications to small directive radiators and printed miniature antennas
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Stephen Saddow, Professor
      • Saddow Pic Phone: 813-974-4773
        Office Location: ENB 243
        Email: saddow@ieee.org
        Research Areas: Developing wide-bandgap semiconductor materials for high-field and high-power device applications
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Rudy Schlaf, Professor
      • Schlaf Pic Phone: 813-974-8463
        Office Location: ENB 372A
        Email: schlaf@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Spray based deposition of macro-molecular thin films and interfaces, photoemission spectroscopy on organic semiconductor/bio-materials interfaces, work function measurements, directed assembly of macromolecular materials, biosensors, thin film photovoltaics
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Lee Stefanakos, Professor
      • Stefanakos Pic Phone: 813-974-4413
        Office Location: ENB 250
        Email: stefanak@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Solar energy conversion (photovoltaics, rectennas, etc.), fuel cells, hydrogen production and storage, energy systems, electric/hybrid vehicles, alternative fuels
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Sylvia Thomas, Associate Professor
      • Thomas Pic Phone: 813-974-4011
        Office Location: ENB 368
        Email: sylvia@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Advanced materials for applications in alternative energy sources, sustainable environments, and bio-applications for nano-electro mechanical system (NEMS) devices - nanowires and nanoparticles
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Jing Wang, Professor
      • Wang Pic Phone: 813-974-6011
        Office Location: ENB 378
        Email: jingw@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Nano/microfabrication, nanomaterials, RF MEMS devices, on-chip power generation, microfluidics, MEMS transducers, RF integrated circuit, wide bandgap materials, polymer nanocomposite and responsive polymers.
        Personal Website
  • Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
    • Dr. Tapas Das, Professor and Chair
      • Das Pic Phone: 813-974-5585
        Office Location: ENC 2207
        Email: das@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Applied stochastic processes, quality engineering, and dynamic decision processes
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Susana Lai-Yuen, Associate Professor
      • Lai-Yuen Pic Phone: 813-974-5547
        Office Location: ENC 2505
        Email: laiyuen@eng.usf.edu
        Research Areas: Computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided molecular design (CAMD), nanotechnology, human-computer haptic interfaces, and computational geometry for design and manufacturing
        Personal Website
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Dr. Nathan Gallant, Associate Professor
      • Gallant Pic Phone: 813-974-5840
        Office Location: ENC 2504
        Email: ngallant@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Biomechanics, cell adhesion, biomaterials, tissue engineering, surface functionalization and micropatterning
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Rasim Guldiken, Associate Professor
      • Guldiken Pic Phone: 813-974-5628
        Office Location: ENC 2216
        Email: guldiken@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Bio-MEMS sensor design and fabrication, micro-fluidics, ultrasonic imaging, micromachined ultrasonic transducer design, ultrasonic cleaning and non-destructive testing
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Daniel Hess, Professor
      • Hess Pic Phone: 813-974-5643
        Office Location: ENC 2205
        Email: hess@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Dynamics of mechanical and structural systems with friction, machinery dynamics and diagnostics, mechanical design
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Autar Kaw, Professor
      • Kaw Pic Phone: 813-974-5626
        Office Location: ENC 2215
        Email: kaw@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Engineering education research, mechanics of composite materials, elasticity, fracture, thermal stresses, graphical user interfaces for engineering problems, web based course development, rehabilitation engineering
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Ashok Kumar, Professor
      • Kumar Pic Phone: 813-974-3942
        Office Location: ENB 252
        Email: kumar@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Thin film technology for multifunctional applications, processing, characterization, and applications of nanomaterials, reliability issues in microelectronics and MEMS devices, sensor technology, novel materials for energy applications, analytical techniques of thin films and surfaces
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Craig Lusk, Associate Professor
      • Lusk Pic Phone: 813-974-1394
        Office Location: ENC 2507
        Email: clusk2@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Compliant mechanisms, MEMS design, biomechanics, theoretical kinematics
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Ajit Mujumdar, Instructor
      • Mujumdar Pic Phone: 813-974-9677
        Office Location: ENC 1201
        Email: ajit@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Particle technology: micron to nano scale dry particle coating, mixing and segregation, fluidization, granulation, numerical simulations by discrete element method (DEM), computational fluid dynamics, ANN
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Frank Pyrtle, Instructor
      • Pyrtle Pic Phone: 813-974-9015
        Office Location: ENC 2508
        Email: pyrtle@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Two-phase heat transfer, droplet and spray cooling, micro/nano scale heat transfer microelectronic device thermal management
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Alex Volinsky, Associate Professor
      • Volinsky Pic Phone: 813-974-5658
        Office Location: ENC 2214
        Email: volinsky@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Thin films processing, mechanical properties and characterization
        Personal Website
  • Physics
    • Dr. Matthias Batzill, Associate Professor
      • Batzill Pic Phone: 813-974-0618
        Office Location: ISA 5106
        Email: mbatzill@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Surface science, gas-surface interactions, structure and electronic properties of metal oxide surfaces, nanoclusters and quantum dots, solid state gas sensors, photocatalysis and photovoltaic for sustainable and renewable energy
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Donald Haynie, Associate Professor
    • Dr. Xiaomei Jiang, Assistant Professor
      • Jiang Pic Phone: 813-974-7765
        Office Location: ISA 4214
        Email: xjiang@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Organic electronic materials, device physics study, high efficiency organic solar cell, novel type of hybrid solar cells
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Dale Johnson, Professor
      • Johnson Pic Phone: 813-974-5125
        Office Location: ISA 4212
        Email: dalejohnson@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Development of electron probe devices, analytical electron microscopy, subcellular elemental distributions in biological systems
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Garrett Matthews, Associate Professor
      • Matthews Pic Phone: 813-396-9329
        Office Location: ISA 6215
        Email: garrettm@usf.edu
        Research Areas: The investigation of biological macromolecules and macromolecular assemblies on the nanometer length scale
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Casey Miller, Associate Professor
      • Miller Pic hone: 813-974-7771
        Office Location: ISA 4211
        Email: millercw@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Spintronics, spin-dependent tunneling, spin-polarization measurements, spin-injection, magnetic thin films and heterostructures
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Pritish Mukherjee, Professor and Chair
      • Mukherjee Pic Phone: 813-974-3293
        Office Location: ISA 2022D
        Email: pritish@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Solid state and materials physics, picosecond lasers and applications, laser-assisted materials processing
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Martin Muschol, Associate Professor
      • Muschol Pic Phone: 813-974-2564
        Office Location: ISA 6212
        Email: mmuschol@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Imaging neuronal activity, modeling neuronal information processing, protein interactions, aggregation and phase separation, colloidal models of protein interactions
        Personal Website
    • Dr. George Nolas, Professor
      • Nolas Pic Phone: 813-974-2233
        Office Location: ISA 6214
        Email: gnolas@usf.edu
        Research Areas: New materials synthesis and characterization, nano-scale properties of material, slow temperature electrical and thermal transport, structure-property relationships, energy technologies
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Hariharan Srikanth, Professor
      • Srikanth Pic Phone: 813-974-2467
        Office Location: ISA 5110
        Email: sharihar@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Solid state and materials physics, magnetic materials, nanostructured materials, thin films, electromagnetic response in materials
        Personal Website
    • Dr. Sarath Witanachchi, Professor and Associate Chair
      • Witanachchi Pic Phone: 813-974-2789
        Office Location: ISA 5111
        Email: switanach@usf.edu
        Research Areas: Laser ablation and plasma processes for thin film growth, nanostructures and nanocomposites, materials for energy, multiferroics
        Personal Website
  • College of Pharmacy

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